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We select and execute investments into a range of financial instruments at the behest of our clients.


The range and limitation at which these financial instruments are procured are stipulated by the requirements of the client. Such needs are determined by in depth discussion and consultation with our portfolio managers.


Belmont believe the cost of such services should not penalise investors who have yet to acquire substantial financial means.

Executing a trust and negotiating an estate can be very complicated. This is the reason we advise that you prepare and plan accordingly. Belmont experts can guide you through this process and incorporate a plan with the utmost in discretion and efficiency.


Each trust and estate we handle is as unique as the families we serve. There may be multiple heirs, blended families and individuals with special needs or continuing care.


There may be business interests, real estate and non-marketable securities. Regardless of the degree of complexity, we can also consult with your team of trusted professionals to help guide you in the preservation and transfer of wealth across generations.

As a pioneer in the hedge fund industry, and with nearly forty years of experience in the field, Belmont has developed a unique network of the best alternative asset managers in the world.


Thanks to this and our extensive expertise, we can offer our clients innovative and diversified products which are able to preserve our clients’ capital and offer long-term returns.


We provide a full suite of alternative investment services, ranging from advice and exclusive access to the best single-manager hedge funds, to ready-made funds of hedge funds and customised hedge fund mandates.





Belmont works with ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families, as well as foundations and endowments, to help preserve and grow assets while building legacies across generations.


We then identify investment opportunities to help them reach their objectives. We complement these services with robust execution capabilities and attentive client service. Where appropriate, we introduce our clients to the broader network and resources of Goldman Sachs.


The Belmont team delivers the attentiveness of a boutique firm while also providing clients access to the opportunities and resources within Belmont, one of the most established financial institutions in Asia.


Delegate management of your investment portfolio to Belmont with the service of a dedicated Portfolio


The Discretionary Portfolio Service offers you direct access to Belmont investment expertise through a multi-asset class investment portfolio.


In line with your investment objectives and risk profile, we will take responsibility for the on-going management of your investment. In addition, this service is delivered by a specialist Portfolio Manager.


We will manage your portfolio, building the initial asset allocation and making tactical changes throughout the life of your investment. As financial markets change, we will adapt your portfolio in order to reflect both our long term views and the shorter term environment. Careful management of the portfolio’s risk, utilising our extensive tools and analytics, is also at the center of our approach.

 Our Active Advisory Service is designed for clients who like to make their own investment decisions, but value the support of an investment manager who understands their specific requirements.


We provide advice, personalised support and a regular flow of investment ideas


The Advisory Portfolio Service offers you:


  • A personalised, tailored service - with support from a dedicated investment specialist
  • Investment ideas - and a regular flow of information on global investment opportunities
  • Advice on asset allocation - including developments that could affect your portfolio
  • Direct access to global markets - through our investment specialists


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